This would be great for touring xe đạp for longer distances or any time you need a bit more nguồn but this isn"t an ideal bike for a beginner rider.
Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Review

When it comes lớn great starter motorcycles, Harley Davidson isn’t known for them. Harleys are loud, heavy, powerful bikes that have a very chất lượng culture surrounding them. One that embraces the veteran rider for the most part.

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To most non motorcycle riders you have only two types of bikes: Crotch rockets and Harleys. Although the Iron 883 might not be the most ideal beginner bike, it is one of the best khổng lồ choose if you are a Harley fan.

Sportster Iron 883 Looks và Styling

One things that Harley’s have in spades is style. They are a unique looking, & unique sounding motorcycle. The Iron 883 is one of the best looking Harley’s in my opinion. It has a beastly look that is classic at the same time as it is modern. If you want an aggressive looking motorcycle, look no further than this bike.

The engine of this boss is powered by a 53.9 cu inch engine, or 883 cc’s. Hence the name. Normally I really try and stay away from recommending anything higher than 650cc’s for a starter motorcycle, but I know there are some people out there that want a Harley & nothing else will suffice. For those people the Iron 883 offers a good option.

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One of the things I lượt thích about Harley is they offer a beginner riders training course called Rider’s Edge. It’s very similar khổng lồ the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) course, and in some areas it’s actually taught by the same people. The main difference is that Rider’s edge is a quite a bit more expensive (around $300) và the class sizes are smaller so you get more individual attention.

If you end up picking up an Iron 883 it would be worth it lớn inquire about their Riders edge course. You may even be able khổng lồ roll that into the price of the motorcycle if you are good at negotiations.

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To put it bluntly, the Harley 883 isn’t an ideal beginner motorcycle, but it would work in a pinch if you are dead set on having a Harley. It would be great for touring longer distances or any time you need a bit more power nguồn than what a nin-ja 300 might offer.


Fuel InjectedLow seat heightAggressive styling


Heavy at 562 lbs!More expensive than smaller displacement motorcycles