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An H-D khổng lồ bring people into the brandLiquid-cooled engine is very smoothCheap for a Harley-Davidson

At a glance

Owners" reliability rating: Annual servicing cost: Power: Seat height: Weight:
3.3 out of 5 (3.3/5)
56 bhp
Low (27.9 in / 709 mm)
Medium (505 lbs / 229 kg)


Meet the Harley-Davidson Street 750. With modern-day performance from an all-new liquid-cooled engine and an incredibly attractive price tag, Harley have worked hard to mở cửa up another area in the motorcycle market for themselves.

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With its minimal café racer styling, the Street is a blank canvas for customisation. Ultimately, it’s everything Harley said it would be; it’s affordable, handles well and is surprisingly agile.

During 2016 MCN ran a H-D Street 750 for a year as a long-term test. Our reviewer Alison Silcox found it slightly uncomfortable until she began bolting on the modifications. She covered over 8000 miles on the bike, so is in a great position to bình luận on its durability.

The bike got ABS in năm nhâm thìn before finally going off sale in 2021.

Watch: Harley-Davidson Street 750 first look

The engine is incredibly smooth and a joy khổng lồ blast between traffic lights or corners using the generous spread of power. On motorways it begins khổng lồ feel a little breathless, và sixth gear is more like an overdrive. It’ll happily sit at 75mph, but push khổng lồ 80mph & vibes start to lớn creep through the bars. The headlight cowl does little to keep the wind off at higher speeds, & in stop-start town riding the water cooled engine emits quite a bit of heat. It’s not as bad as an air-cooled bike, but you’ll want to spread your legs out away from the engine after a while.

The lack of ABS is strange, especially considering all new bikes (over 125cc) will be required by European law to have ABS as standard from 2016. The front Brembo caliper grabs the single front disc well and brings the 229kg Street smartly to a stop. The rear brake is strong as well, but if you’re hard on the front brake then it’s all too easy lớn lock the rear wheel as there’s a lack of feel at the pedal. Good for skids, but possibly surprising for the new riders Harley-Davidson is hoping to lớn attract.

While the handling and agility of the Street are both impressive, the real star of the show is the new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine. It’s nothing lượt thích the conventional air-cooled engines Harley are known for. It doesn’t oscillate like a jackhammer at idle and it needs to lớn be revved to get the best from it, uncharacteristic for a Harley motor. Peak torque of 44ftlb is reached at 4000rpm – it’s not a monstrous amount of torque, but it propels the Street at a good pace.

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With its low retail price, it’s not surprising khổng lồ find that the Street 750 is built on a budget và while the xe đạp is designed in the US, it’s actually made in India. Thankfully it feels very well put together. It’s too early at the moment to comment on the reliability of the machine but it’s been on sale in Europe for 10 months already, allowing for any initial niggles with the model to be ironed out before the mã sản phẩm gets to the UK.

OurHarley-Davidson Street 750 owners" đánh giá show a handful of build quality and reliability issues. We"d suggest you read these before taking the plunge.

The Street is good value. You don’t get masses of toys for your money but what you bởi get is well made. Despite the low price, there are also a couple of nice touches, such as the Harley emblem on the headstock and the neat, tidy positioning of the ignition barrel under the clock, which keeps the lines smooth và clean around the cockpit area.

Rivals for the Harley-Davidson Street 750 include the Honda Rebel 500, the Ducati Scrambler 800 & H-D"s own Iron 883.

The switchgear và the dash are both basic – the dash only shows speed & a choice of odometer or two trips counters. On a bare-bones, simple cruiser lượt thích this you don’t really need anything else. It certainly doesn’t come with all the bells và whistles attached but that isn’t the point of it.

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It"s available in four colours: Vivid Black, đen Denim, Superior Blue & Velocity Red Sunglo.

Engine sizeEngine typeFrame typeFuel capacitySeat heightBike weightFront suspensionRear suspensionFront brakeRear brakeFront tyre sizeRear tyre size


Liquid-cooled, V-twin, six gears, belt driven
13.1 litres
Brembo caliper, single disc
100/80 17"
140/75 15"

Average fuel consumptionAnnual road taxAnnual service costNew priceUsed priceInsurance groupWarranty term

Mpg, costs & insurance

£4,300 - £6,500
-How much khổng lồ insure?
2 years