2020 TRACKER 150


Kawasaki Motorcycle is officially in the distribution of their motorcycles now in Bangladesh(Source). They have started rolling in our market from the sự kiện of Dhaka Motor Show 2018. They have showcased the 150cc Supermoto lớn Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 inline with other three models.

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Hence covering the features of the motorcycle here is Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 Feature reviews. Let’s try lớn get the featured picture of the nice street sports machine through our discussion.


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Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is a solid street sports machine that designed taking the dirt xe đạp ergonomics as the base. Hence this street sports machine looks very similar to lớn a dirt xe đạp and that in category of Supermoto lớn or Supermotard or can be called as Motard.

Though a supermolớn bike is designed for street sports but it also can be used as dual sport. Whereas some of the companies showcase their Supermoto lớn motorcycles as dual sports machine. It especially for which comes with steel spoke rimes and with tube tires where some are called as street adventure bikes lượt thích the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto.


Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 – Design for Sports

The Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is a full size Supermoto lớn sports bike that is quite new in Bangladesh. It somewhat shared all the elements directly from the Kawasaki dirt xe đạp KLX150.

The only few things like the wheel dimension, suspension tweaking và sprocket ratio are quite different here. Therefore the D-Tracker 150 is quite lượt thích the street copy or street version of that awesome dirty machine KLX150.

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You know this kind of sport machine like Supermokhổng lồ is not so frequent in our country. Only few other companies irregularly tried to market the other type Supermoto in previous days. Whatsoever the D-Tracker is a solid và pure supermolớn and it comes with a roông chồng solid looks và kiến thiết.


Coming to lớn the first look it’s a high saddle, taller và upright single rider machine. The second most attractive thing is it comes with significant higher aligned mud guard và exhaust like an off-road machine. Along with longer front suspension & higher ground clearance literary gives the impression lượt thích a standing stallion.

The motorcycle comes with very solid & sliông chồng naked kiến thiết on naked perimeter frame that hired from KLX150. There is no bulky toàn thân panel or extra muscles on it và it’s completely a naked machine lượt thích a true dirt xe đạp.

Even being a solid naked sports machine nothing has sacrificed from its kiến thiết. Every part of the motorcycle is sharp, slick, lighter but solid in construction.

Moreover this naked scheme significantly reduces its weight và increased the capability. The common parts of the xe đạp like seat, fuel tank, ODO consol, headlamp assembly all are compact và lượt thích the true copy of a dirt bike.


Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 – Wheel, Brake và Suspension System

Supermolớn motorcycles are very much slim, slichồng và slender in design. But of-course they are constructed firm and far better capable specially with wheel, brake & suspension systems. Whereas those are the core capability và core features of such kind of sports machine on which they persize.

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The Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 comes with 17-inch steel spoke ryên with tube-type tires. The tires are street tires và wider in dimension. The tires are much wider lớn play better on the solid pavement lượt thích a regular street sports xe đạp. Moreover, the steel spoke ryên ổn plays a vital role as it more shochồng resistant & shock absorbing than alloy wheel.

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The braking system of the bike is much impressive as it comes with a capable phối of braking system. Here the both wheels are equipped with hydraulic disk braking system where the assemblies are from NISSIN. The front wheel comes with a 300milimet ventilated petal disk whereas the rear one comes with 220mm form size disk.

Coming to the suspension system it’s damn gorgeous & that directly hired from the dirt Model KLX150BF. Here the front suspension is 35mm USD telescopic suspension and the rear suspension is mono with Uni-Trachồng system. The front suspension is much flexible with its longer travel characteristics. Here the rear one is also responsive and that is five sầu steps adjustable. Hence you can guess how capable the D-Tracker is in terms of wheel, brake & suspension system.


Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 – Handling Characteristics

As we mentioned Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is a street sports machine with quite a dirt bike like feature. So its capability và riding characteristics is somewhat different than regular street bike & quite closer lớn a dirt bike.

But fact is that riding and handling characteristics is quite quality in Supermolớn motorcycles. For that reason it belongs a different category và worldwide so popular for different kind of sports.

The Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is a very light weighted sports machine with the weight of 118kilogam. Hence with lighter kiến thiết its handling is easier than any other sports xe đạp on the road. Moreover higher ground clearance with capable braking & suspension system increased its capability significantly.

Now the point comes how much user friendly it will be for our motorcycle users in Bangladesh. Coming to lớn this point only the thing may seem harder the higher saddle height. It can be an issue with 840milimet saddle height but again it comes with significantly flexible suspension system. Therefore saddle height may not make big hassle for lower height people.

Therefore coming to lớn the rests the motorcycle is featured with very comfortable upright riding position. Seating with handlebar and other control lever position are seems very perfect for comfortable ride.

No matter you seat or st& on the pegs dealing street or uneven terrains. Again being also a light weight dual sports you can’t complain its easiness of riding & handling. It’s a Supermoto và its riding is super fun.


Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 – Engine Feature & Specification

Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is a street sports bike that carries quite the similar features like the dirt machine KLX150. Both the machine caries same frame, structures & quite same design but with different graphic scheme. Here few tweaking including few dissimilarity on wheel, brake và suspension made this supermokhổng lồ different than the KLX150.

D-Tracker carries the same engine of KLX150 therefore the old KLX140. The engine is a bulletproof 144cc air cooled four stroke engine. Its capability is proven from the dirt terrain that ploughed by the successor Kawasaki KLX140. So no one can complain its durability and capability.

Whatsoever the power và torque figure of this engine is quite linear considering regular trend. Its power rating is around 12PS and torque is 11.3NM which seems quite flatten. But fact is that being a 118kilogam light weighed machine these figures can change the real scenario on the traông chồng. Hence it’s better to forget the printed numbers và play không lấy phí with fun.

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Whatsoever, being a supermokhổng lồ from Kawasaki D-Tracker carries the premium features in every corner. It also belongs khổng lồ the Dual-Sports pit, so you may have more queries on this awesome naked machine. For more detailed information you can go though the bellow attached specification table và learn more.



Kawasaki D-Tracker 150

EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke,Air Cooled, SOHC 2-Valve sầu Engine
Bore x Stroke58.0mm x 54.4mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Maximum Power8.6KW (12PS)