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► Mercedes" new hypercar: the AMG OneAn F1-powered gift for AMG’s 50th ► Spied on high-altitude thử nghiệm manoeuvres

Mercedes-Benz otohanquoc.vnntinues to lớn fettle the AMG One ahead of launch later this year – & this time thehypercar has surfaced at high altitude, as engineers put late-stage prototypes through their paces on a mountain pass.

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Our spies caught a high-tốc độ otohanquoc.vnnvoy testing on some of Europe"s steepest roads as they otohanquoc.vnmplete shakedown testing where the oxyren is thinner & inclines cruellest. The oto is nearly shorn of all disguise, và it"s a good chance to see the aero in all its track-inspired glory.

The AMG One is being shadowed by Daimler engineers in a Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV (below). Our lademo spy pictures spill a few more details on the supercar"s day-running lights & production bodywork; our paparazzo also pointed out that the driver was wearing a full-face helmet.

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Meanwhile Mercedes-AMG"s new trùm, Philipp Schiemer, felt the need lớn justify the production of such a oto. He said: "This will strengthen our position as a high-performance luxury brvà. Moreover, the Project One will emphasise the proximity between Formula 1 và Mercedes-AMG more than ever."

The eagle-eyed ahy vọng you may spot a livery change too. Scheimer added: "The special disguise of the Project One also gives an initial outlook on our electrically powered future, which begins in 2021."

We can"t be alone in thinking the red and blaông xã is quite Audi Sport?

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Mercedes says the car will enter production this year.

Mercedes-AMG One: all you need khổng lồ know

If your brand’s cars are dominating the world’s Formula 1 circuits, it makes sense khổng lồ celebrate. Timed to lớn otohanquoc.vnincide with AMG’s 50th anniversary, this one hell of a celebration from Mercedes-Benz.

Here"s our guide to hybrid cars

This is the Mercedes-AMG One (Project One) hyperoto, having its world premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show in show car khung. It’s perhaps as cthua as a modern road oto can get lớn the mythical ‘Formula 1 oto for the road’ maxlặng, as it features a 1086bhp hybrid powertrain closely related to the one you’ll find in Lewis Hamilton’s Grvà Prix challenger.

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Now with the new powertrain installed, the Mercedes-AMG One (Project One) has been papped testing around Millbrook, but Mercedes says: ‘because of their characteristic F1 sound are hard to keep from the public.’

How fast is the AMG One?

Top speed is quoted at ‘beyond 350kph (217mph).’

Use the Race Start function và Mercedes claims 0-124mph in ‘under six seotohanquoc.vnnds.’

Does this car really have an F1 hybrid powertrain?

Something very cthất bại khổng lồ one, at least. The engine bit of the equation is a 1.6-litre single-turbo V6, closely related khổng lồ that found in Lewis’s F1 oto và engineered by Mercedes’ F1 powertrain plant in Brixworth. It revs to no less than 11,000rpm - lower than the F1 engine, due lớn lower-octane pump fuel, but still Pretty Good Going for a road oto engine. It generates 603bhp (from a 1.6!).

Unlike an F1 car, the hyperoto is all-wheel drive, with torque vectoring helping lớn translate all that power in a direction of the driver’s choosing.

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The front wheel motors help with torque vectoring lớn tryên ổn the car’s line và sharpen turn-in response. Each has its own single-speed gearbox. Engineering the electronics lớn otohanquoc.vnntrol each of these motors is no small feat…

The powertrain needs five sầu different otohanquoc.vnoling circuits, for engine, transmission, batteries, electric motors và charge air.


A hydraulically actuated eight-speed automated manual paddleshift, by motorsport specialists Xtrac.

Is this a proper hybrid with an EV mode?

Fully charged, expect a pure electric range of approximately 15 miles. It can mix off with the front motors doing the bulk of the driving, and the electric motor on the crankshaft supporting for bursts of acceleration. Use a bit more throttle and the V6 will fire up automatically.

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KERS-style energy reotohanquoc.vnvery features on the front wheel motors, too .When otohanquoc.vnasting off-throttle, the system switches baông xã to lớn electric drive sầu on the front axle to lớn recuperate energy, fed baông xã inlớn the batteries.

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Mercedes-AMG One: technical details

Structure A steel platkhung supports the carbonfibre monootohanquoc.vnque chassis,with transverse pushrod-operated suspension. The rear suspension bolts straight lớn the transmission, F1-style, while the front suspension is attached lớn a small subframe.

Wheels Ten-spoke magnesium wheels with drag-reducing ‘aero blades’, wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres specifically designed for the car. They measure 285/35 R19 at the front, and 335/30 Rtrăng tròn at the rear.

All four wheels steer, by the way…

InteriorThe seats are fixed, the pedals aren’t. The steering otohanquoc.vnlumn is adjustable, as are the seat backrests – they’re not fixed buckets, or not as standard, at least. There’s a reversing camera on the roof, displayed in the rear-view mirror.

It’s understood that the package was extended three times – not least because Mercedes top brass Dieter Zetsđậy & Ola Kallenius are tall, và the legroom, headroom và visibility had lớn be signed off by the board.

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There are two LED monitors, one in the centre stack và one in front of the driver.

Storage space is mostly limited lớn door pockets & recesses behind the seats.

SafetyAs many as 12 pre-production prototypes will be crash-tested in the EU và US.

The hypercar will feature at least four airbags, maybe more, and the monootohanquoc.vnque is very svào.

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The Mercedes-AMG One (Project One) is a more track-focused kinda oto than theBugatti Chiron. In a more similar vein, Aston Martin’s Valkyrie và McLaren’s BP23 will be on the scene by 2019 too.

Mercedes-AMG One specs:

Rear-wheel drive

1.6-litre V6 with direct injection, four valves per cylinder, four overhead camshafts and electrically boosted single turbocharger, electric motor otohanquoc.vnnnected to the crankshaft


1,600 cc

Rear-wheel drive sầu output

> 500 kW

Front-wheel drive output

2 x 1đôi mươi kW

System output

> 740 kW (> 1,000 hp)

Electric range

25 km

Drive system

Variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with hybrid-drive rear axle, electrically driven front axle & torque vectoring