A motorcycle with a Triumph Bonneville T100 engine and cà phê Racer style, designed và transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

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When you have been building motorcycles for many years và your finished & scheduled project danh sách spans into more than half the hundred, it would be always curious lớn imagine the face gestured if someone would state how far we would get, or the kind of motorcycles would come out from our garage over the time.

Time paradoxes aside, BLIMBURN is a cafe Racer from a magazine project that arrived at Tamarit"s garage like a godsend, fulfilling many of the esthetic aspirations we had in mind.



When the month of February began, a man called Sergio contacted us, someone who had a Bonneville EFI model from the old air cooled generation. Sergio wanted khổng lồ transform its Bonneville and coat it literally in a coffe Racer classic style that Tamarit Motorcycles could provide. He liked our former project called THE SON, but only took it as a starting point, since he wanted it to lớn take the project beyond & to include features and elements that were installed in more recent projects.

That boost & excitement that Sergio came with to make the project with us made us think about the long-awaited project that would become the ultimate cà phê Racer build. Therefore, the project was being shaped little by little just by adding parts & accessories until Blimburn got khổng lồ be one of the finest and most complete works we’ve done so far.

Blimburn front fairing

This front fairing made by AVON was a part that we wanted to lớn work with for a long time at one of our projects since we saw it installed at a breathtaking Thruxton from a French gentleman who is a good client of ours. Finally, it was Sergio the chosen one that finally decided to lớn put this part in one of our projects, part shaped as a bullet whose result & influence on aesthetics has no need for words.

Another Triumph bike project made by Tamarit, on the verge of releasing the long awaited motorcycle number 50, which would mở cửa a new era full of sensation và surprises as the ones that provided this Blimburn.

Tamarit Services

My Tamarit

Enjoy a personalized experience when you buy your motorcycle with Tamarit Excellence services. Get to know all the benefits you can enjoy by being part of the Tamarit family.

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More than 100 motorcycles built

Tamarit Motorcycles has become the leading builder of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world, being a referent in its sector.

This expansion has given rise lớn what is known as the Tamarit family, a group of fortunate people who already enjoy the motorcycle of their dreams và have become part of what Tamarit Motorcycles represents.

The goal is khổng lồ identify what style you want and how you plan khổng lồ use the bike. We want you to lớn have, not only a beautiful motorcycle but one that also covers your day-to-day needs.

Styles and engines we work with

What styles vị you do on Tamarit Motorcycles?

Cafe Racer: These bikes usually have a one-person seat, clip-on, & a more aggressive posture.

Brat Style: Comfortable for two people và higher & wider handlebar for a more comfortable posture.

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Scrambler: These are the motorcycles everyone knows as “the bikes khổng lồ ride in the countryside.”

Dirt track: An American concept, these bikes are the ones that race on oval tracks.

Premium: Hybrid concepts, bikes we cannot put in only one category.

Which Triumph models bởi vì you work with?

We work with the Modern Classics range of Triumph engines.

Triumph Bonneville 900, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Bonneville T120, Triumph Thruxton 900, Triumph Thruxton 1200, Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, Triumph Thruxton 1200 RS, Triumph Scrambler 900, Triumph Scrambler 1200, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Scrambler, Triumph speed Twin, Triumph Bobber y Triumph Bobber Black.

Do I need lớn have a motorcycle?

A) If you already have a motorcycle (Triumph Modern Classics), we pick it up at your doorstep & bring it back once the transformation is finished.

B) If you vì chưng not have a motorcycle, we buy one in the origin country và bring it lớn our facilities to lớn transform, xuất hiện the engine và replace all the components.

Price, shipping and deadlines

What is the price of a Tamarit project?

The price of Tamarit motorcycles is calculated based on the parts included in the project & the hours of work required for each motorcycle. You can kiểm tra the prices by filling out the quote form on our website.

How are the motorcycles shipped?

Motorcycles are picked up and shipped to lớn your doorstep. We have a worldwide transport company và we can pick up or send a motorcycle to lớn any part of the world.

How long does it take to lớn complete a project?

On average, Tamarit motorcycles take between 90 & 180 days lớn complete, during this time the future owner of the motorcycle receives a weekly/biweekly report on the construction status of the project.

Tamarit projects warranty

Once you receive your Tamarit motorcycle at your doorstep, you will be able khổng lồ enjoy it with no worries for a year.

Tamarit motorcycles are delivered with a one-year warranty for the transformation, during which time our team provides personalized tư vấn for all motorcycles.

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