Built on Yamaha"s New Generation "Blue Core" engine concept offering a more powerful, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, 149cc fuel-injected engine mounted on a newly-designed lightweight body toàn thân

Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd., today launched 2 new models lớn comprise its very successful FZ Series. The new models FZ Version 2.0 & FZ-S Version 2.0 are mounted with a newly designed air-cooled 149cc 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder fuel-injected engine on a lightweight frame lớn realize the sản phẩm concept of a "Sharpened & Power-packed New FZ." With the launch of these new models targeted at young men between the ages of 18-30, the company hopes to see a steep growth in the customer base, especially keeping in mind the mileage conscious target audience.

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The eagerly-anticipated launch took place today at J W Marriott Hotel, New Delhi as Bollywood heartthrob John Abrađê mê unveiled the new models khổng lồ public applause và delight. The new FZ Version 2.0 & FZ-S Version 2.0 will be available in the market beginning July năm trước.

The FZ Series motorcycles were first introduced in 2008 and went on lớn win a following primarily among muốn trend-conscious young men. The features that make the FZ models so popular are its outstanding acceleration in city riding và its distinctive styling và design. Building on the reputation, the new FZ Series models have sầu been newly developed with Yamaha"s New Generation Engine Development Igiảm giá – "Blue Core" featuring improved performance in all areas, including fuel efficiency, acceleration and environmental friendliness. Its key features include (1) new engine offering class-leading acceleration with 14% improvement in fuel economy & compliant with BS IV emission standards (2) Fuel injection and light weight (lightest in 150cc class) to lớn enhance engine performance (3) Newly Designed Tandem Seat & Grab bar for good rider comfort (4) Multi-function instrument panel featuring an "ECO Indicator" that lights up when the machine is ridden in an eco-friendly manner (5) New front & rear suspension settings (6) New Chassis-related changes for a light, agile ride (7) New Front and Rear tires for improved handling stability.

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The new FZ models possess a kiến thiết that reflects Yamaha"s philosophy of "Refined Dynamism" that is meant khổng lồ captivate users và help create vibrant lifestyles through unparalleled beauty & dynamism. There were individual colouring concepts phối for the FZ & FZ-S. For the FZ, the colours were chosen based upon the concept of "Simple, Stylish và Sporty". The colouring concept for the FZ-S was "Street, Cyber và Sporty", designed to project a high-tech image by creating an effect that makes it seem as if the body is emitting sharp fluorescent light.

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FZ-S Version 2.0FZ Version 2.0

Name Launch date Ex-Showroom Delhi
FZ Panther Black & Scorching Red30th June 201476,250/-
FZ-S Astral Blue, Moonwalk White, Cyber Green & Molten Orange30th June 201478,250/-

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Masaki Asano, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd, said, "The FZ series has been a stellar performer ever since its launch in 2008. With the introduction of the new FZ & FZ-S armed with the next generation "Blue Core" engine concept the new models are bound to offer a power-packed performance with improved fuel efficiency. "Blue Core" is a development igiảm giá khuyến mãi for new-generation engines that take riding enjoyment, fuel efficiency và environmental performance to levels that have never been reached before. Moreover, the sporty look & aggressive styling of the New FZ models will surely appeal to today"s assertive generation."

Mr. Roy Kurian, Vice President, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd, added, "We have sầu a strong presence in the 150cc deluxe pháo segment with customised focus on high performance, supreme technology & exquisite styling. With these new Mã Sản Phẩm introductions we certainly hope to lớn strengthen our foothold in the segment. In the Deluxe cộ segment, we currently commvà around 16.2% market mô tả in India."

With the new launch, the company is confident that it will be able lớn make new inroads in the customer base, especially those who are fuel economy conscious. The company is very bullish on the new launch và is very confident that it will help khổng lồ maintain the svào growth numbers the company has witnessed in last few years.